Thursday, March 10, 2011

turning of the seasons

geranium from seed
signs of spring: this little geranium started from a seed that floated from the pot next to it last summer i am eager to start it in it's own pot and watch it come into its own out on the balcony once the weather warms.

i'm knee deep in shoe orders and allergies, not a great combination.

as the seasons begin to shift (causing mold populations everywhere to stand up and do the conga much to my chagrin), i start to think about a few of the things that the turning of the calender pages will bring my way:

outdoor craft fairs—i've applied for a big one not far from here that will take place in june and will hear about whether i have been accepted or not come the end of this month. i'm terrified that i won't be accepted as a vendor. i'm a little worried about how to get all the things i need in time like a tent/table/display things if they do accept me. i'm totally excited about the possibility of expanding my business and just need to trust that everything will work out as it should...somehow.

tent camping—my sister and i are attempting to get our schedules to mesh so we can all go on a camping trip together this summer. i want pie-irons, canoes and kayaks, hikes that make you appreciate the simplest of dinners, good conversation around the campfire (and clothes that then smell like campfire), my morning coffee from our lovely blue enamel pot under the canopy of the forest, and i want it now! 

renewing my attempt at balcony gardening—i've had my cacti, succulents, and herbs going strong in the house over the winter but i'm looking forward to *successfully* growing some vegetables in containers as well this year...with a little more research and a bit of luck, it might just work this time.

captain frosty's
i know, it's a ridiculous name. but it's my favorite fish 'n chip shop on the cape and it's only open in the summer. actually, it's the only fish 'n chip shop i know of here which is just one of the things i don't understand about massachusetts as you'd think this would be the one place in the US where they'd be ubiquitous. have i been known to suggest driving down for a day on the cape just so we could eat there? well, maybe. it's so good that even i, an avid hater of seafood, will at least gorge on the fried haddock and then crave it the rest of the year.

silly or serious, what are you looking forward to this year?


DK said...

Ugh, just... summer, you know? I'm tired of winter and all the gray. I want to get my yard started. Ordering all my seeds next week though!

Angela said...

Whoa - how did I miss your birthday dessert down there? MMMMMmmm that looks good (and pretty too)

Good luck on accomplishing all the things you are looking forward too!! Hang in there with the allergy/shoe orders. (I had the flu right in the middle of my ornament orders over Christmas! I feel your pain!)

I am looking forward to more estate sales and a trip to the Gulf coast in a couple of weeks - ah sunshine!

...oh and I am going to FINALLY add the sewing caddy to my shop at some point this evening

Meeling said...

Sounds like some great plans!

I'm looking fwd to Summer vacation...I've decided not to do Summer School this year and just hang out with the boys of of course work at our family business, but that's still family time so it's not "work, work". ;-)

Fresh tomatoes from our garden plot in the backyard...that's my fave, with fresh basil...I just buy a baguette and some fresh mozzarella....dinner!

Hope you feel better when you've got lots to do!