Monday, March 14, 2011

scenes from a weekend

yo-yo rosettes

i busied myself with making several yo-yo rosettes throughout the weekend (they go so fast!) from some of my AMH little folks scraps which will be used in some new items for my shop...details and more photos to come as i'm working on them only when i can come up for air in between current orders.

hiking at walden
(just ignore that i look rather billowy and marshmallow-esque's a charming aspect of the layered look, ya?)

the sun was out and the temps were up so we went for a walk 1.5 mile hike in walden woods over in concord on saturday afternoon. it was so gorgeous out there, a tad brisk, but gorgeous and lovely and just the thing we needed. i wish we could have just stayed out there, but alas, it's back to reality today.

so delicious. 

for the past couple months, i have been addicted to these brussel sprouts and have been eating them for lunch several times a week (addicted to brussel sprouts, weird i know...really would never have predicted that one). now i am finally switching gears to another new favorite which i happened upon from heart of light (a blog i love btw). the photo is from the first time i tried it and i've since found that i prefer it with the avocado cubed instead of mashed and the egg fried instead of poached to cut down on the creamy factor. then i topped it with a bit of hot sauce and some cheapo taco sauce, salt, and pepper and WAHLAH...easy and delicious new lunch obsession!

p.s. we recently tried both of these (separate suppers) and they were both UH.MAZE.ING: cheddar chicken from real simple and spanish roasted potato salad from food52—cannot recommend them enough! well, as long as you aren't on a total health kick  ;)


Meeling said...

Love your yo-yo's...they look great! I have a purse I"ve been meaning to make that's covered in them, but just always seem to put it to the back...maybe now I'll bring it out and make it...inspiring to see them all lined up like that.

Your lunch obsession...YUM!!!!

Emily Elizabeth said...

After trying your recipe, I have been super addicted to brussel sprouts as well! But my current cooking method is super simple - trim the ends, cut them in half and toss with a T. of EVOO. Spread on a baking sheet and sprinkle w/s&p and roast at 400 for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. They are super good!

DK said...

Ohh that lunch looks sublime, I'm jealous and will have to make it for myself! I hate brussels sprouts though... blegh.

Angela said...

The yo-yos are cute! When I had a desk job, I passed time by making yo yos at my desk :) I had the easiest job ever!

It is nice to be addicted to something healthy...that never happens to me :(

maureencracknell said...

I love the yo yo's! I made some with Anna's voile for that quilt stuck it limbo -- they are so very pretty!

I am having a giveaway, so be sure to stop by my way!