Tuesday, April 20, 2010

prickly blossoms blooming today

we picked up this lovely little cactus around easter and while it's had it's little pink stubs for a while now, one of them has finally decided to open up to the world! they're such a bright spot in our living room only i wish i knew more about it as it did not come with any tag. i think it's what is generally referred to as a christmas cactus? i'm told they bloom twice a year and many folks put a lot of work into forcing the blooms, but this one is a little off with its timing obviously so it will bloom for us around easter and thanksgiving instead. that's ok, i guess it just fits in with all the other oddballs in this house :)

this little beauty is also in bloom right now. it's another little planter in the living room with several different cacti and succulents. i don't know much about these types of plants (i'd love to hear if you do!) but keep them in the house since they are so easy and bring a bit of color indoors.

p.s. the pot that the bigger cactus is in (below) was something i found on the side of the road recently that had been put out to the trash...i made john slam on the breaks and go back so i could see what that flash of pretty color was lying in the ditch all alone...turns out it was an antique chinese flower pot with handpainted peonies! and i'm OK with being sneered at for being dumpster diver if it means getting such lovely pieces for free, haha!


Bethany Dirksen said...

Whoa! I've never had a cactus...or seen one bloom in person. Very neat.

Dylan said...

Oh my Im so jealous! I LOVE succulents and I know they're supposed to be easy but I kill them left and right - yours are beautiful!!! I have a christmas cactus but I guess it knows it's schedule, it's all done blooming. And that pot! What a score!! Why do I never see great things on the side of the road...lovely post,thank you!