Friday, December 10, 2010

Eat your vegetables (with butter if you have to).

eat your vegetables

OK. You have got to try this recipe.

And I have got to post about something completely non-christmas related so I can maintain some sense of sanity as I work through all these custom orders.

I came across this recipe on a PBS cooking show, made a couple small changes, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that, um, I like brussel sprouts (wt?)! Actually I haven't found a recipe I've loved this much in a while so thought it was definitely worth sharing. I even cooked up the extra brussels sprouts for my lunch today so it looks like there's no going back for me...

My Version:
-First things first, I made this dish vegetarian by simply not cooking the sprouts in with the juices from the steak. We don't eat much meat here, especially red meat, and it tasted delicious all on its own. Plus, with the almonds, you still get a bit of protein.

-Place your slivered almonds in the pan (no oil, no nothing) and toast until golden brown. Set aside in a small bowl. Toasting nuts helps enhance their flavor, but if you're short on time, feel free to skip this step as it's not going to ruin the dish.

-Chop the ends off 1 Lb sprouts and then shred them lengthwise. While you're doing this, place 2 TBLS of unsalted butter in the pan and allow to melt on medium heat.

-Place sprouts in the pan with the melted butter and toss. Immediately turn heat up to high and add salt and freshly ground pepper to taste.

-After 1–2 minutes you'll have some tender bright green pieces and some crispy golden brown pieces. Remove from heat and in a bowl mix with 1 TBLS fresh lemon juice (about half a lemon) and the toasted almonds.

FINITO! once you get the hang of this recipe, it is very quick to prepare but still impressive I think.


Bethany Dirksen said...

Mmmmmmm...that sounds delicious.

Christina said...

Oh that looks good! My mom made a delicious roasted brussel sprouts dish for Thanksgiving. I didn't know I liked them either!

Meeling said...

That looks good!
I have a couple of recipes for brussel sprouts that I love but this one looks really good and easy too...will definitely have to give it a whirl!

Love your bowl too!

simpledaisy said...

YUM!!! Looks delicious:)

Becky said...

I love sprouts. Yum! I have a recipe for sprouts with apples and caramelized onions. So good.

Emily Elizabeth said...

I have never seen a photo that makes brussel sprouts look that delicious!

thestoryofkat said...

why thank you, haha! you know, every time i checked back into my blog this week i saw this photo and my mouth started watering...craving brussels sprouts is just weird but they really are so good!