Tuesday, December 7, 2010


bag boy 
 my little man frankie (also known as francophone, frankeroni, frankenstein, frankmehnastan, and stubs).

i have not been blogging as much as i would like to lately. blurgh!

i have thoughts of recipes, holiday tutorials, and gift guides dancing in my head...alas, i've got tons of custom embroidery projects in my q to get out for customers before the christmas deadlines (good busy), our internet signal has once again gone on the fritz (i think it's good to go now), and i have been freaking out about a seemingly incurable skin disease/ulcer thing that our cat frankie has developed (very sad/wearisome/not good way to busy oneself).

so far it sounds like it's a condition that is recurring throughout life and we can only treat it as best we can with diet. surgery would leave his face deformed and would be necessary everytime it comes back while steroids only suppress the symptoms which then flare up worse the next time, all the while requiring more steroids which can make him very sick. it just breaks my heart to see this big red ulcer on my little man though and i hope these different things we are trying with his diet will win the day soon. our kitties are as much a part of our family as anyone else....i can only imagine what kind of freak out i would have if something like this was happening to my own child, jeez louise!

so i just wanted to pop in here to say:
1. what's up. hi. i'm still alive!
2. thanks for hanging in there with me while i deal with life—it's so darn sneaky the way it creeps up on ya sometimes.
3. i promise to be back soon with bells on!
4. i kind of miss y'all


Angela said...

Sometimes, you just have to take time off! I took the whole weekend off from my blog-- just too much to do.

I hope you guys find a cure for your cute kitten soon.

Meeling said...

Hang in there! It's that crazy busy time of year...cute cat. I hope you can find a cure for him. :-)