Monday, August 23, 2010

cleaning house

excerpt from vogue sewing, 1970.

stop the presses: i am actually cleaning my workroom!

and i don't just mean moving a pile from one desk to another! not that i would EVER do that...ahem. i'm about halfway done now and it feels so good. well, the cleaning part isn't exactly fun but it does feel great to see the results. i'm so lucky to actually have my own workspace and am hopeful that soon we'll be able to get that guest futon so i can set out my handmade nation pillow in a proper place of honor!

this odd streak of motivation for housekeeping has had other amazing results...last night i set up some marinated chicken for tonight's dinner and started some fenugreek sprouts so that we'll have fresh greens for our falafel pitas later this week. i've always done brocoli or bean sprouts before and was pleasantly surprised by the deep aroma of curry that emanated from the fenugreek seeds as i prepped the jam jar on the windowsill...cannot wait to try them!

off i go though to feed the cats their lunch, refill my chai, and return to the cleaning frenzy in my workroom. tomorrow: pictures of our most beautiful wedding cake. an amazingly talented friend made it and i'm convinced that ace of cakes would hire her in the blink of an eye!

P.S. take 20% off in my etsy shop! it's all got to go—details on the clearing out of the shop to come...

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