Monday, August 2, 2010

a project just for me

(click to enlarge for detail)

i'm kind of a bit excited about this pillow cover. i've finished all the embroidery for it (in addition to another pillow cover for living room of a neato dragon) all in the time since we've been home for our trip. i had laid out the pattern just before we left and got to work as soon as we got home...going that long without working on something was really getting to me and just may account for how i managed to do these so quickly..i was ravenous!

i used two sublime stitching patterns for this pillow cover and then added in some flowers of my own design to fill it in a bit and tie it in more to the pattern on the fabric i was using of birds and flowers. i also then tied in the floss colors to those used in the fabric and admit i had way too much nerdy fun matching them all up in the floss isle of my local fabric shop.

AND because it combines three different themes, i've entered it into this contest! can i possibly wait an entire month to find out the results?! well, i'm going to try...

(click to enlarge for detail)

i did manage to add two more types of stitches of those i'm capable of pulling off with this project: the french knot and the lazy daisy. sometimes seeing them in stitch diagrams is a bit intimidating for me but once i'd done each a couple of times i was wondering why hadn't tried them easy and fun too! all i have to do now is finish the button holes on the back of the pillow and wa-lah: a totally rad new pillow for the guest futon in my workroom!

i'm off to go work on making the rest of the pillow cover for the dragon one now and will post the results soon. this making stuff that i actually get to keep for myself is kind of awesome!


Dylan said...

Amazing work Kat, amazing! You should win - for sure!

considerthelillies said...

wow, that is so beautiful! I used to embroider a lot when I was younger, and your pillow is making me want to try it again! great fidectjob!!

Christina said...

That is so awesome, you have done a fantastic job!! :)