Friday, November 2, 2012

After the Storm...

Halloween 2012
The little mini pumpkin my husband carved just chillaxin' in the kitchen

Happy (belated) Halloween to you all!

It's been quite the week 'round these parts—there are trees of all sizes down here and there, the T closed for roughly a day, and our work and classes were cancelled throughout the beginning of the week—all due to Hurricane Sandy. All things considered though, we came through just fine, but are still without an internet signal at home so I am posting this quick update on my lunch break to let you know that my etsy shop will be closed until our wifi is restored...which I seriously hope is soon because I am starting to go through withdrawals. All current orders will be shipped out tomorrow and I hope to have the shop and blog up and running again soon. Of course we are just one of many many many households waiting to be hooked back up though so we shall see. Things are starting to fall back into place here in northeastern Massachusetts where things were less severe but still rather intense. I hope everyone who was affected by the storm is safe and on their way back to normalcy. As for me, I am going to spend the weekend gobbling roasted pumpkin seeds and finishing my midterm paper....can you guess which one of those things I am most excited about?

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Meeling said...

Glad you got through without too much storm damage or problems.

Oh yum...roasted pumpkin seeds!!