Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Figure 8 Scarf

Figure 8 Scarf, AMH
Figure 8 Scarf made from Anna Maria Horner Velveteen and voile from her "Innocent Crush" line
(the earrings are from CoffeeandCream, another lovely little xmas gift that just happened to match perfectly)

I'm kind of in love with these ridiculous big scarves. Maybe they are already cliche...I don't know, but my internship is in an unheated library basement where there is no heat and I love these because they instantly dress up any old outfit and help to keep me o so warm. Since I've always had low-blood pressure, I can get that icy feeling pretty fast and am always on the lookout for accessories and such that make keeping warm not completely unfashionable!

The above is actually the second one I made using Anna Maria Horner's free Figure 8 tutorial, having gotten the fabric for Christmas (you can get kits here of velveteen and voile). The tutorial is clear, quick, and easy to follow, especially because of all the helpful pictures. Just be careful on the part where you are joining the ends together and hiding the seam. It takes some visualization, but then the technique makes perfect sense and is such a neat way of doing it!

Figure 8 Scarf, Nani Iro
Figure 8 Scarf made from double cotton gauze by Nani Iro and a solid voile from Anna Maria Horner

This is the first one I made before the holidays and it is o so soft in the double gauze and voile. It's a bit lighter and with more practical colors so I will probably get a little more use out of it. There is something to be said for getting to wear your favorite fabrics in such an effortless way I think! I might need to make one in every colorway I can think up...maybe some plaids in a soft flannel next?


Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

Gorgeous!!! I hope you're doing well!

Christina said...

I love those scarves!
And awww I noticed the earrings right away! :D

Liz said...

Your scarves look terrific! I actually made 4 of those AMH figure 8 scarves at Christmas. I made 2 for my neices from the kits she has for a kid-sized scarf. One other for my grandmother and one for me!

Angela said...

Oh those are really cute!! I love a scarf myself but we just can't seem to get any cold weather this year so I haven't gotten to break one out just yet.

Meeling said...

Love it!!

And the earrings too. :-)