Friday, January 20, 2012

Back At It

Love Me Do sachets

I feel that whenever a blogger has been absent for a time, they start the post out by apologizing and promising to not do so again. But alas, I am not completely sorry (insert mischievous grin here). I am incredibly human so I may very well do so again but don't give up on me because I will always be back and have indeed missed the community here in a big way!

I've been using my break from classes this month to get acquainted with my new routine of job and internship, prep for my second semester of grad school which starts next week, work on several custom orders for my etsy shop, and even cross off a few crafty projects from my own list. It's all a big adjustment, but one that brings with it a very dear sense of purpose, direction, and belonging to me and while I cannot always summon the focus needed to write a coherent post, I find that most nights I can't quite bring myself to sit idle on the couch either. I get so restless if I do not have something to stitch at as it allows me to feel useful while letting my mind zone out in the repetitive peacefulness of each little flick of the needle. In doing so, I've managed to gather together a handful of things that I'm excited to share with you soon—enough to keep us all agog even as I buckle down to work for what I expect to be a very intense semester!

So stay tuned for...
...a review of the AMH Figure 8 scarf tutorial and kit
...a "choose your own adventure" chili recipe
...a finished twin size quilt (did you hear those gasps of awe in the distance?!)
...a bit of DIY couch upholstery

(Oh and HEY! Did you notice those pretty little sachets up there? I've got them back in the shop just in time for Valentines and filled up with with 100% cabbage rose from India. They make a great little gift for Valentines so get them before they're gone if they spark your fancy!)

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Angela said...

Ah - teasers! I look forward to hearing about all of it!!