Friday, December 16, 2011

CH CH CH Changes

Purple wedding chucks, detail

Quite the eye-popping pair, eh? I just finished them this week and really enjoy working with the bold colors on these shoes.

But what else have I been doing? Where have I gone off and disappeared to this whole time? WELL, let me tell you all about it...

A couple weeks ago, as I was knee-deep in trying to finish my first semester of grad school, I went in to do some volunteer work with one of my professors. I ended up having an interview instead and wound up with a part-time internship and a part-time job managing an art gallery that needed to open the very next week! Very exciting, but also a tad nerve-wracking to have so many big changes to my life and schedule made in the course of one day after and hoping and waiting and wondering for two years of searching for work and purpose.

Now this will mean that I will have to take care of etsy and my blog in whatever bits of time I have in between weeks filled with two days of internship, two days of classes, and two days of work. My etsy shop and blog mean a lot to me so it may take longer to complete custom orders next semester, but I'm still game so I hope you do not give up on me. Long term, my plan is to create more and more embroidery patterns so that each individual piece in my shop is not so labor intensive, leaving me more time to blog about my own projects, pursue my degree and related work, while still allowing me a creative output for etsy—an outlet that I am addicted to and love!

I'm not sure how everything will pan out just yet. The good thing is I'm done with my first semester (I aced it!!) and am on break until late January so I have plenty of time to get all my ducks in a row before the storm rolls in, so to speak.

I hope you are each having a wonderful holiday season so far and am eager to stop by your blogs and catch up soon!


Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

You are a busy girl!!! I am sure it will all work out for you and we'll be here waiting when you do find the time to share your projects!

Merry Christmas!!!

DK said...

Busy busy! Attagirl! I know you can get it all done!