Thursday, December 22, 2011

All Quilted Up

Finished quilting at last!
Once I get the binding done, I'll post a photo of the whole completed quilt!

I've finished the quilting on my FFAII quilt! A very exciting day for me, indeed. I did some simple outline quilting using my machine and was surprised by how quickly it went, having never worked on a quilt of this size before (a twin size for my niece). I am happy with the pink thread contrasting against the deep eggplant color as it lightens it up a bit and brings the whole thing together.

I do think I have some practicing to do on my machine quilting skillz though...I'm probably being more critical of my work than anyone else, but there are a couple places where the fabric bunches up or my stitching isn't quite straight. I suppose practice makes perfect, right?!

Quilt back

I also finished the embroidery on the back and now just need to bind the whole thing off and put it through the wash. One sticking point...despite my best efforts, I didn't quite manage to line up the embroidery with where the lines of quilting have ended up so I've got to make up my mind as to whether I should just go right through it and not worry about it or quilt around it and then tie off that area. I was planning to do some tie-offs in the middle of each big square anyways, so maybe it wouldn't be so bad....what would you do?

(see the full quilt top here)

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