Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Little Christmas Spice

Christmas Pillows
Now available in my etsy shop!

I am almost free for the semester and have been able to spend some blissful time working in my studio as of late. I have my list of christmas gifts that I need to work on and have organized all my supplies for those but I couldn't help but put in some time on something that is for us! As a result, I am almost done now with my "Whoville" quilt top. Well, that is what I decided to call the quilt because the colors and style of the fabrics remind me of the animated version of Dr. Suess's The Grinch. For some reason, when it comes to Christmas, I am ALL ABOUT the older, vintage, slightly gaudy retro decorations. You will find none of those "frilly angels sighing dark red velvet with gold trim" type decorations at my house, no sir.

As I was going, I decided to use some of the leftover fabric for some pillows in the shop that are inspired by our quilt. I resized them (insert brief but mind-numbing confusion over how to enlarge a LeMoyne Star from an 8 inch block to a 12 inch block without a pattern...) and used some bright white cotton as a counterpoint to the cheery colors of Michael Miller's Christmas Spice collection fabrics. I love that the LeMoyne Star in the red and lime is appropriate both as a Christmas star and as a poinsettia and I think I'll be making a couple to complement our quilt too so that I can change out our usual pillow covers for holiday ones soon!

P.S. Did you notice the fancy schmancy new favicon above and facebook/pinterest/etsy/flickr buttons on my sidebar? Check those shiny suckers out! My husband, who is in a web design program as he transitions from graphic design, made them from scratch for me and I am o-so-proud of him for figuring out how to do it for me. I should also perhaps mention how patient and calm he was as I tried to describe the exact watercolor look I wanted for the buttons. He is just a good man, what can I say?!

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