Thursday, March 17, 2011

working away...

vintage sewing caddy
"what do you mean this is not for me?"
(frankie decided to squeeze his little self into the caddy as soon as i took it out of the box)

just popping my head in for a moment today as i am still going crazy between shoe orders for spring weddings (insert business growing pains here) and attempting to get a full st. patrick's day feast going with corned beef, slaw, taters, guinness PLUS some dublin cheese and homemade pumpernickel bread so we can enjoy the leftovers for a few days with paninis! my mouth is already watering. seriously, i get way too excited about food sometimes.

but what's this? a vintage sewing caddy from angela over at pickles on pizza! i spotted it from one of the crazy awesome treasure hunts that she shares on her blog and knew it needed to come find a home in my workroom so i picked it up as soon as it went in her shop of vintage goodness. i love the print as it reminds me of my childhood and my yarn has been living in a cardboard box ever since we moved last year from DC to Boston so i figured it deserved it's own pretty home after all that time. maybe this will motivate me to whip my studio back into shape since, as my mom would say, it looks like a pigsty as of late with me flying in and out of it. oops.


Christina said...

I love that sewing caddy!
We've only been back home a week from India but I already feel like my house needs MAJOR re-organizing! It's driving me crazy!

Angela said...

Aweee! I love seeing my treasures in their new homes!!! The cat looks adorable in it :)

Have a happy St. Pat's!!!

Meeling said...

Love it...especially with the cat...too cute!!

Enjoy your yummy feast tonight...I'm about to start on mine...though mine is slightly less industrious than yours...not enough hours in the day today!!

Happy Saint Patty's Day!!

DK said...

Kitteh! That's awesome, I love how they find their way into anything remotely resembling a cardboard box