Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow day!

snow morning
the winter wonderland we woke up to this morning

this is out our front door early this morning and you see those greyish drops in the photo? those are individual snowflakes! see that big middle space in the middle there? there is road under there somewhere...

it snowed all night but came down heaviest this morning...we're just shy of 2 feet (for now) and that was enough to keep my husband home from work as there were delays all over the commuter and t lines in Boston. since we were up early to check on the train delays we decided to stay up and have a good breakfast of bacon, eggs, and hot coffee. and what else do you do then but go back to bed?! i really do love napping when the snow blankets the world and sometimes think it's god's way of telling everyone to slow the you know what down and soak in the beauty!

snow day!
on the right is the snow and wind coming down in the wee hours of the morn

we finally did get out to shovel though and i am always glad for my big red Hunter wellies. i think we got a bit more snow with the first storm we had right after christmas but this was much heavier stuff so we certainly got a workout! by late february, i might complain but for the most part i like snow and always feel like i've done a good day's work once we're shoveled's certainly easier than the hay-baling of my youth!! if i can just remember that, i can always manage to stay positive about the bit of work that so much snow brings.

all shoveled out

yes, those piles of snow are what we shoveled out from around the car...crazy huh? another inch fell while we were shoveling as you can see from the car that is once again covered here. i expect we'll have to shovel out again tomorrow a bit more but at least this way it won't be trying to shovel piles of ice.

now it's time to snuggle up in my favorite wool blanket and work on some embroidery projects while we wait for the last of the roads to be plowed. secretly, i sometimes wish we could just not bother with them and live with the pristine snow for a couple more days before going back to reality...

p.s. angela, i totally made a snow angel just for you!


DK said...

Argh, I wish. Snow days just don't exist in Colorado... if it snows, oh well, gotta go to work anyway!

Christina said...

Wow! It's beautiful and also so unfamiliar to me. Looks like a lot of shoveling!! But the cozy aspects sound so nice.

Meeling said...

That's a lot of snow!!
Love your red boots...they pop against all the white stuff. :-)
The car shot reminds me of growing up in Canada...little shoveled paths everywhere!