Saturday, December 4, 2010

ch ch cha changes...

embroidered wedding chucks
just finished these embroidered wedding chucks for a lovely winter bride

i must say thank you to all of you who left such valuable feedback for me on my last post where i talked about the possibility of selling under a new etsy shop/name and all the challenges associated with it. at this point, i know (and now also feel confident thanks to you) that switching names is the right thing to do...i just have to figure out the logistics and how i might also use this as an opportunity to evaluate the quality and range of the items that i sell because more than anything i want to offer value to my customers.

the big switcheroo will happen sometime after the new year and yes, i'm sure there'll be a grand sale in there somewhere! the blog will of course remain the same so no worries there, you can always find me here!

in the meantime, i'm turning it all on the "spin cycle" in my head, at the end of which i hope to come up with:
—some dates for the grand opening and adjustment period during which both shops will be open
—a list of ways to let everyone know about the move
—a fresh branding/marketing approach to the new shop
—a solution as to what to do with the my current-soon-to-be-former shop
(close it up and throw away the key? use it for vintage items only?)

thanks for being so gracious as i start thinking "outloud" here. it's so overwhelming but i am excited and glad to have such great blogger friends whose advice i know i can rely on!

P.S. every weekend leading up to Christmas, i am offering free shipping on select items for my facebook fans. to see what that item is each weekend and get the code, just become a fan here.


DK said...

Congrats on deciding, that's definitely a tough call. Good luck with working out all the little details!

Anonymous said...

these are awesome. What a wonderful idea. Wish I had sneakers like these for my wedding.