Wednesday, December 1, 2010

o what a conundrum!

knitting on a winter's day

all i really want to do is curl up with a movie, a quilt, my knitting, and knit knit knit my brains out! as soon as winter weather rolls into town i just have an urge to hear the clack of needles and feel the yarn running through my fingers. i did start this simple dishcloth last night which i think i will pair with a solid blue and a solid ivory one for my other shop, purls and lace. the poor little shop gets so much more attention from me once the mercury drops!

i do have a bigger dilemma than just not having enough time to knit though and i wanted to get as many of your opinions on it as possible. you see, when i first started on etsy the shop name that i preferred (i.e. The Story of Kat) was already taken. I was SO bummed but also very eager to get started so i went ahead and just registered with a the german translation of that name (i.e. Geschichten von Kat). Well it's a mouthful and i feel like it's a roadblock for me now so a while back i randomly checked on the name and whoever had it must have closed up shop because it was available! da da DA!

now i face the question of whether to switch over or not...? i know i'd be much happier with the english version because it's so much easier for people to pronounce, spell, and find again on etsy. it would be a fresh start around the new year BUT i would lose all my shop hearts, favorites, convos, and all the work that i've put into making GVK recognizable and profitable. I've just passed 200 sales in September and i do not relish going back to 1 or 2 sales a month as i build an identity all over again.

i actually did just panic and register the name so now it's mine (eeks!). the question just do i make the switch? when? am i going to lose everything i've worked so hard for if i completely switch over? what to do what to do??! any constructive and honest feedback from you lovely folks would be so very much appreciated!

p.s. i found this great resource for analyzing the content of your blog and think i am going to try it. thought it would be a great morsel to share with you all!


Christina said...

You bring up good pros and cons for switching! I think if it would make you happy, you should! I know it would be hard though. I have visited shops that had hundreds of items sold and then moved to a new name and still successfully sold at the same rate. I am sorry I don't have the exact shop names in mind now to show you the example! I think people who already know your current shop would follow you over.

DK said...

Yikes... that's a tough one. How easily could you inform your current customer base?

Angela said...

Oh this is such a hard one-- BUT I do think you should change it. The reason I say this is because I wanted to look up your shop one night and could not remember how to spell it :( I had to come over to your blog and then get to your shop through your blog...and I "know" you -- so I think this would be a roadblock for someone who did not "know" you or know how to go about finding you. There have been so many changes on Etsy lately - maybe you could ask someone about changing your shop name and keeping your sales. I have heard that they are going to make this possible. I would ask to see if it is true.

geschichtenvonkat said...

thank you so much, i really appreciate the feedback and from you ladies especially!! you are so right about it being a roadblock in that way angela, i feel the same about needing a name that is more accessible...literally and when typing!

i think i am going to do it but slowly and starting after the holidays. i've been reading a few etsy articles on the subject already to find ways to communicate the change to my customers. glad i will have a month to keep reading up on it!

Bethany Dirksen said...

It seems like most people are telling you to switch...and I think I agree. The best part is that Etsy does allow links within Etsy to be a hyperlink. So you can just link in your shop announcement and people can go right over. Maybe just start with certain types of product at first and then empty out the whole shop. When customers see it empty they will know something is up and will read the shop announcement. Plus...this could give you a really good chance to have a "store clearing out" sale. Good luck!

thestoryofkat said...

i think you're right bethany, it will be good to do it gradually and get that link up in the shop heading..thanks for reminding me about that!

Emily Elizabeth said...

I agree with Angela - I went to look up your shop one day and couldn't find it because I didn't know how to spell it for the life of me!