Monday, November 1, 2010

a vintage find. a family treasure.

grandma's coat
i can't believe i used to curl my hair like this everyday.

during my trip back home to michigan, my sister and i got to spend a few days up-north at my grandparent's house. my granny took us out to rummage through the barn for some jam jars that belonged to my great grandma sorenson that she wanted to split between all the grandkids and in the process we found a few other treasures, this amazing vintage 3/4 sleeve winter coat being one of them! it was just sitting in a box that we had moved to get to some other ones and i happened to take a peek inside ...boy was i floored! i actually don't support wearing animal fur (and i have no idea what kind this is) but i immediately recognized the value and beauty of this coat—even the soft red satin lining is in perfect condition!! it does have a couple button covers missing but luckily granny had saved them so i can fix it and it will still be completely original.

me and grandma
me on the left and my great grandma gertrude sorenson on the right with my mom.

granny said no one else had expressed interest in it and i just couldn't let such a special heirloom sit there all on it's lonesome, fur or no, so i nervously tried it on, knowing that almost every vintage piece i fall in love with is too small for fits perfectly though and is my favorite color red (insert excited squeaking here...i did warn you that you might pee your pants!). i just couldn't believe it and she said it would make her and her sister happy to know it was being passed down to someone who would cherish it. i immediately got visions of wearing it to christmas eve service and the theatre and promised her i would take some pictures of me in it for her.

vintage outfit

i had such fun putting this little outfit together though and thought i'd share the photos with you too. please forgive the photography...i was trying to take them of myself with the timer and so my angles are a bit off.

the woolen plaid skirt is from a now closed vintage shop called Roxie's in Holland, Michigan; the blouse is from anthropologie; the vintage hosiery is from the i see france etsy shop; the shoes are also from anthropologie.

red shoes


Angela said...

I peed and drooled. LOVE it!! Red is my fave too! You look beautiful in it!

geschichtenvonkat said...

HAHA, so glad i could bring that bit of wonderfulness to your day angela :) and thanks too!

Christina said...

Gorgeous!! I love red too. :) The whole outfit is perfect!

Emily Elizabeth said...

Oh love love love.....

maureencracknell said...

Yes, gorgeous! I love it all!!!

Meeling said...

You look fabulous!! What a special treasure. You can't get better than anthropologie to pair with true vintage!

Found you through Pickles on Pizza...following you now! :-)


geschichtenvonkat said...

thank you thank you everyone!

and thanks for stopping by meeling, i'll be sure to check your blog out as well :)

Bethany Dirksen said...

What a find! So glad it is adorable and fits so well. You will be able to treasure that for decades and then pass it on once again.

The plaid skirt is especially adorable too.

This weekend I went to a thrift store in Belgium and saw some great vintage fabrics. I didn't buy them, but thought of you while I was rummaging through them :)

geschichtenvonkat said...

aw bethany that makes me smile!