Thursday, November 4, 2010

santa's little helper

design work

after finishing my blog redesign my next goal was to revamp my packaging and product presentation. i wanted to keep it light for the environment's sake but still pretty and smart. i finally decided that when i ran out of business cards, i would not get them reprinted, but instead start making my own little tags (above) to attach to each item with baker's twine, customized for whatever object they are paired with. if i do more craft shows then it might still make sense to have a business card again but i would really prefer to do more wholesale and i know that these little tags will work better for that.

now that i've been catching up on admin the past few days, i just really want to dive into christmas projects for the shop and home. i've been getting so inspired by the work all my blogger friends are doing and by this lovely new online magazine Gifted, which my awesome friend emily shared with me (p.s. you should totally check out emily's blog because, well, the girl has got mad skillz, we were art/photo majors together, and did i mention she is pretty darn awesome?!).

do you have any christmas projects in the works yet? where do you find your inspiration?


Emily Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the shoutout! Love the new tags with the baker's twine (oh how I adore baker's twine!). And don't remind me about christmas - ack, so far behind!

Meeling said...

I love the baker's twine idea...very retro and classic. I'm gearing up for Thanksgiving which we'll be hosting. I've found some great things on etsy that I will using and can't wait to see how it all turns out.

Hopefully if it looks good, it'll make a good blog post!

Angela said...

I love that baker's twine. I have started just hole punching my cards and using them as tags to go in my boxes. I like it better than just putting a card in the box.

Christina said...

Those tags are great, nice touch! :)

I have some Christmas ideas but I worry if I will have the time to accomplish them. Hmm! :)