Tuesday, September 28, 2010

just a peek

it's been a bit rainy and dreary here lately which means no lovely daylight with which to take photos in. the photography student in my cringes while posting flash photos here but hopefully tomorrow i can get a few good shots and show you the whole thing.

the above embroidery is part of a second camping clothespin bag that i've made for my sister's birthday. sounds like an exciting present right?! well, she and her boyfriend are serious back country canoers/campers so for them it will be: they are just sickeningly fit and adventurous folks and brought back some great photos from their climb of Mt. Katahdin this past summer. i, on the other hand, just have an l.l.bean mummy bag named after Mt. Katahdin...

for their bag, i changed up the color scheme, pulled some different designs from the sublime stitching transfer pack, changed the dimensions of the bag itself, and even added another stitch to my repatoire: the backstitch (some of which you can see on the fish's back fin, above). not too bad for a slightly rushed project! crossing my fingers that the sun shines tomorrow so i can share some proper photos of the whole thing with you! it's pretty snazzy if i do say so myself ;)

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Bethany Dirksen said...

that doesn't sound like a boring present to me at all! although that could be because I am from the Northwest and if you dislike camping or outdoor activities you are somewhat shunned from society :)