Monday, August 30, 2010

the fall line-up

this will become a small quilt and pillows for my studio

a package arrived late last week with a small but lovely little stash of anna maria horner fabric. it may be small, but it is all mine! muah ha ha! i really have never found fabrics i love so much as the voile from her little folks line, they're just completely of course they're also being discontined. before they completely disappear i decided it was high time to search the internet high and low for any left that i could afford and i managed to get enough to set me up for some fall projects. the line up?

this fabric i'm going to use to make a top for myself using this cute pattern from made by rae on sew, mama, sew.

and this will become a pair of easy pajama pants using amy butler's pattern from in stitches:

then i'll be able to runaway and go join the circus if the mood strikes me, eh?!

and last but certainly not least, i have some plans brewing in my brain for a full-size quilt using scraps from the whole collection. like a bohemoth beautiful undertaking of hand-quilted wonderfulness. i haven't landed on a design yet but this is the best inspiration anyone could ask for, am i right?


Christina said...

The fabrics are beautiful!

Angela said...

That quilt is gorgeous!! I got into quilting once. I bought lots of fabric and lots of quilt magazines and that is as far as I got on my quilt!

I know you will do much better on yours! I can not wait to see it!

DK said...

I so need more pattern books... I'm becoming addicted to patterns. Gorgeous fabric!

Dylan said...

I made that top from made by rae - it's so easy and satsifying, can't wait to see yours! You should check out farmama's blgo - her last couple posts she showed a log cabin pattern she's using scraps to make a quilt out of. SO cute, I'm totally doing it. Can't wait to see your goods, the fabric is YUMMY!

Blissitydoodah said...

Hold up! I'm hosting a doll quilt show on my blog Sept 30th...get busy ;)
Oh! steal my button and tell your readers too, k?

maureencracknell said...

Have fun creating with those gorgeous fabrics -- you know they are some of my favorites!

ps : your blog looks great!

geschichtenvonkat said...

they are even better in person because the voile is so soft and buttery. it almost hurts to cut it...

angela..haha, that sounds like me too. only quilting is one of my mainstays since it's the first thing i learned how to do from my grandma..hope this one goes well!

dylan-glad to hear making that top was an easy one! i have started reading farmama good!! you always have the best suggestions :)

maureen-aw, thanks..trying to clean the ole blog up a bit.
your projects definitely inspired me to finally get some of this fabric and it is indeed my favorite now as well. so sad it's getting hard to find!