Thursday, May 13, 2010

coffee and quiet

(i have an odd habit of wanting very cold drinks paired with very hot drinks)

well coffee and quiet is what i'd like to sit and enjoy in peace but reality is a bit far from that at the moment. in addition to the normal work day, we are SO BUSY with last minute reservations and such for our trip which is coming up at the end of june. i can't believe the wedding is drawing so close and i admit i've spazzed out a few times in tying up loose ends. it will all be worth it though and each day a few more pieces fall into place. each day i know we are getting closer to having a simple, quiet, private, and peaceful ceremony where we don't have to be anxious about standing up in front of so many people or catering to what others think our wedding should be like. everyone's just got to do what makes them comfortable and not expect others to feel the same way; nothing more, nothing less. ugh, can you tell i'm ranting? sorry...i just feel like i can't please everyone or anyone right now and i give up!

i did manage to finish the reception invites today though and that feels so good; they turned out so great with john's mad design skillz and i think it's a great omen for the party itself. i hate to tease but i'll share photos of them afterwards just to preserve our privacy. i can't wait to share them with you though, i think we did pretty ok for ourselves with not much moolah and a whole lot of elbow grease!


Christina said...

That picture looks so cozy! We did a lot of DIY for our wedding too and we didn't have a very long time to plan things(complicated,my husband moving to this country on a special visa and such). Sometimes it felt very overwhelming but it's so worth it to have something personal.

considerthelillies said...

It was a lot of fun getting the wedding for Christina together on a small budget! I bet yours will be great! Can't wait to see the pictures after wards!

M.M.E. said...

It's always nice to take a little bit of time to relax.

geschichtenvonkat said...

i can, at least! we have to get marriage visas for our scotland ceremony + lots of other forms and i've definitely been a bit intimidated by all the paperwork.

i completely agree though—all the diy efforts will be worth's very nice to hear your encouragement while i'm in the middle of it though!!

m.m.e—so true, so true. even in the busiest moments i think we can see more clearly when we just take a breather to relax. haha, must remind myself to do just that!