Tuesday, May 11, 2010

antiquing on the cape

despite the rain, we did have a great time this past weekend as we took a nice drive down route 6 to our favorite antique shop on the cape. there are actually bajillions of antique places on this particular stretch of route 6, but the Antiques Center of Cape Cod is my favorite as they have three whole barn fulls of gloriousness! makes me miss all my years of working in the antique shop while growing up in michigan.

for myself i picked up this double strand of faux pearls (which i got for next to nothing!) and Blackie's The Girl's Companion Guide. I can't find a publication date but there is a beautiful handwritten dedication in the front noting it was given as a gift to Kathleen from her grandma for Christmas in 1947.

it's quite the entertaining book that's a compendium of sorts for girls on etiquette, ballroom dancing steps, hostess duties, instructions in all sorts of household arts, as well as nature guides, and rules/technique for every sport imaginable. reminds me of something the american girl doll molly might have owned and i couldn't resist it's charm!

john also picked up a couple books but his big find was this leather bound volume of browning's poem's for just $10! the cover is in pretty rough shape but the gilding on the front is so lovely and the pages appear to be almost untouched. someday i'd love to have a whole library room full of books like this with built in shelves, massive oak desks, green reading lamps, and my own card catalogue system (yes i am that ocd). at the rate we're going, we're almost there with the number of books we own...just missing the library room...but i can dream!


Cyber Hippie Gypsies said...


we are both 28. When is your birthday?

Come back to my blog and let me know. I hope we have the same birthday, that would be sweet.

Your blog rocks and you are cool.


Dee's Kitchen and Bath said...

I just love books! All kinds, new and old. What a wonderful find.

considerthelillies said...

those are great finds! I must be a hunting for some cool old books like that!

Angela said...

Fantastic finds!! I especially love the book of poetry!

cabin + cub said...

what a cool book.. must be fun to read on all the tips, etiquette and advice they had for gals back then... i'm sure some are very very odd!

geschichtenvonkat said...

i'll have to share some snippets of the advice in the book...maybe a running feature for a while! it can be quite funny/odd/charming/or just downright outdated in a, "did they really do that?!" kind of way :)