Sunday, May 16, 2010

and then some.

it's been a very long week here and then some! but i'm going to do my darndest to get back to my normal weekday posts as of tomorrow. in the meantime, i'm sharing this really nice etsy treasury which i was lucky to be included's really well done i think! the shop owner who created it also has a really nice blog set-up.

speaking are you liking the new "widescreen" etsy? bigger treasuries is a plus of course and the subtle design changes over the past few weeks/months are even growing on me...a very picky former graphic designer (ok, rephrase: what graphic designer isn't picky?!). but i have quite mixed feelings about the changes being made to the search bar feature. that and sometimes i'm afraid to go into the forums for updates on all these changes because it's like a crazy hen house in there with folks pecking at each other to no end. don't get me wrong, the forums can be a great tool but does anyone else ever feel that way, especially outside the promotion categories? how do you make yourself known on a regular basis and manage to stay clear of the squabbles?


Angela said...

...and most importantly- I forgot to say- what a great treasury to be a part of!

Angela said...

The forums are horrible now!! It seems like whatever Etsy tries to do, everyone hates it!

I try to just stay out of the squabbles but sometimes just HAVE to put in my 2 cents!

geschichtenvonkat said...

ooo thank goodness i'm not the only one...i completely agree angela! it can just get downright nasty in there and i get so turned off by it. SO hard to bite my tongue sometimes though, lol.

oo and thank you :)

Christina said...

Very pretty treasury! :)

I actually don't go in the forums much. I've never gotten really involved in that aspect besides hopping into promotions once in awhile. The other parts, I stay away from hehehe.

Bethany Dirksen said...

I love that treasury. The shades of pink are very nice (coming from a non pink girl).

I noticed the photo of your treasury has a link straight to the page on etsy. I've been having trouble linking my photos lately...have you noticed that?

geschichtenvonkat said...

thank you guys, it's always fun to be in a treasury that someone has put a lot of style and time into!

christina—i do the same thing...i hop into promotions whenever i can to network and, well, promote, but otherwise i stay away from the other sections as much as possible.

bethany—i haven't lately but then i wasn't on much last week. about a month ago i couldn't post images or link them for a couple days though so maybe it's a periodic problem? very frustrating...i wonder if it's regional or a blogger-wide issue at times?