Saturday, April 24, 2010

trade loot and townsend made!

a friend of mine from high school and i recently discovered eachother's shops on etsy and decided to do a trade! it's a nice way to do an etsy transaction every once in a while when you love each other's stuff but are low on cashola as i am. she is a master of crochet (which if you been reading for a while you know of my struggles in that area) and has so much cute stuff to offer in her shop, Townsend Made.

She customized the colors for me on the baby blanket in her shop and you can see the results above! of course, my kids are my cats so i am using it as a lap blanket in the living room. we'd been needing a nice one to match for a while and i'm so happy with the great design and that it's so cozy and well-made!

now i just want to get some of these to use for bathroom and dish duty on camping trips!

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