Monday, April 26, 2010

make it mad men style

(image copyright AMC)

if you love vintage (or just good programming) than you most likely know all about Mad Men on AMC and are aware that just last week they announced that the fourth season will be premiering in late July....i was thinking i should have a, "please buy from my shop so i can afford to get cable and watch mad men this summer and not have to wait until it's on netflix to find out what happens SALE!
too wordy?
maybe a little obvious or pushy?
hahaha, yeah i thought so but honest at least.

the show is not like a lot of the popular network dealios with their rapid twists and turns and gimmicks (sorry, but i kind of hate that crap)'s definitely a slow burn and doesn't pretend that there are good and bad people but that everyone is a mix of both, everyone with a finished public veneer and a host of private urges and motivations that allow the writers to tap into an intelligent, dramatic, and certainly entertaining commentary on the radical changes of the times. o yeah, and the vintage style is TO.DIE.FOR.

(the women of mad men, copyright AMC)

which brings me to my point. ahem, i do eventually get to those. see those dresses in the photo above? the shirt dresses with their belted waists, fabric with stripes and floral designs that are cut according to how they flatter the female form....for a while now i've been wanting to learn how to sew clothes such as these, dresses in particular, because i prefer the look and so does my "curvy" figure. the styles are just so much more flattering but i am also not a very tiny gal so i need to learn how to make alterations to these vintage patterns.

WELL, i did a lot of research this past winter and found two great books that were published in the same era that Mad Men takes place. THEN i found an extra copy of each to sell in the shop so that you could learn too! they show you all about how to do the tucks, godots, pleats, trims, plackets, and trims that make these vintage styles so alluring and that's just the beginning! they are also full of tips on how to put the outfits together, choose accessories, and color charts to match make-up and fabric to your complexion and hair....yes, very retro! check out these photos for just a taste of what the books include:

drool-worthy right?! and you can just click on a photo to go to my shop listing for that book!

i think it's great that in our time we are able to embrace the flattering styles and creative homemaking of the past without having to embrace the image of a timid and obeying little wife. It's OK to learn how to be creative at home (what's more it's environmentally friendly and smart!) and also be an assertive, intelligent, and powerful modern women.


Dyche Designs said...

My husband was a huge Mad Men fan.

jdavissquared said...

how fun! i've never seen the show, but i've heard it's great!

found you on etsy forums and I'd love it if you visited me too!

geschichtenvonkat said...

thanks for stopping by, it's always nice to have new faces around here!

considerthelillies said...

ahhh... sigh....those vintage styles were the cutest! I often wish I could sew, so I could make my own clothes, but alas, I can't even thread a sewing machine! sniff, sniff :(

geschichtenvonkat said...

i know, the sheer beauty of those styles is what is pushing me to learn. i can sew almost anything else, knit, and now i am determined to make something i can wear...and won't be embarrassed to wear in public, lol!

Angela said...

Makes me want to sew too! I am only up to pillow level though :)

Jen said...

Oh how pretty! My mom spent many years as an Avon lady, and she used to have this funny little "Computer" thing that you put all of your information into, eye/hair/skin tone, etc, and it would tell you your "Right colors" I loved it!

I am definitely a fan of being able to be feminine AND strong. I'm happy that we live in a time where we don't have to choose one or the other :)

Christina said...

Awesome books! :) Very fun. I love the styles!! I haven't seen that show, but have heard about it because of the awesome fashion on the show.