Tuesday, April 27, 2010

me, moiself, and i

well, it's high time i got a new profile photo up, huh? it's been ages since i updated it and i've included a couple outtakes here so you can actually see who i am! i usually veer towards being very private as i want this blog to mainly be about creating and the ideas behind those efforts, but since i'm on a roll today i thought it'd be nice to share a bit more about me, the lady behind it all. so in traditional "ten things" fashion, let's get to it:

1. i love to journal. i have kept one since sixth grade and write as often as i can although there are some periods where i get too busy to write. i keep a jar of paste nearby when i journal and fill my pages with cuttings from magazines and catalogues of all types, concert tickets, and snapshots. i wonder who will read them someday.

2. i like to sneak up at night, open the frigidaire when no one else is about, and drink out of the milk jug.

3. i love office supplies. going into a good office supply store makes me weak in the knees and i get very happy. pens and notebooks, yards of tape, stamp pads, glue sticks, the clickity clack of old typewriters and the wispiness of carbon paper. i used to make my sister play "office" when we were little which consisted of stamping and writing nonsense all over my father's old account books and passing them back and forth to eachother for review.

4. i just found a library job posting that i got really excited about, i put tons of work into my resume for it, and just before i sent in my materials i checked the site once more...the posting had been taken down. this job search stuff is seriously rough on your nerves!

5. i'm 28, but to relax i sometimes like to read children's books or watch kid's programming from th 80's because it reminds me how it feels to be innocent and carefree.

6. the first car i bought with my own money was a 1982 black BMW 320i for $1,000. it was on it's last leg, i changed the spark plugs on a weekly basis in parking lots, coasted it off the expressway and through an intersection once when the shifter stopped working, and i loved it dearly.

7. My top five books are A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, The Bell Jar by Slyvia Plath, Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney, and Baghdad Sketches by Freya Stark.

8. i am very scared of taking the GRE. i was always a very good student but am horrible at standardized tests and even though i would love to go to grad school for library sciences/art history, it's hard because that test is there blocking my way. and i can't just apply to programs that don't care about it because i had health problems in college that affected my gpa which means i need to prove myself worthy.

9. i am a list maker. an ocd list maker. sometimes i make a master list to keep track of my other lists. a friend actually wrote a short story based on me and my list making...it's good to laugh at oneself!

10. i am an idealist, i try to be a peacemaker (that middle child gene is strong), but i can definitely tend towards being melodramatic in a very anne shirley way.


DK said...

I drink out of the milk jug too ;)

Mama_Amethyst said...

I really like learning more about you! I wish there were less space between us. It would be fun to craft together!

maureencracknell said...

I love the pictures! I rarely share photos of myself. Even my facebook picture is a doll I made - with brown hair and eyes - just like me. : )

Angela said...

Cute photos!! I do not drink from the milk jug- but I suspect my husband does!

geschichtenvonkat said...

thanks guys!

mama amethyst—i sometimes wish i could reach through the computer screen to have a crafting buddy because i really do consider my readers to be my virtual friends and colleagues...wouldn't it be great if everybody could magically meet up for an office happy hour with crafting!

Christina said...

Thanks for sharing! That was nice to read. I love your shirt and earrings in the picture. :)