Monday, October 19, 2009

The Big Move

There are a few new items in the shop, but for the most part I have been working behind the scenes to prep new items for the holiday seasons that are just around the corner now—get ready for sachets specially scented for christmas, compress' with some cute new kokka fabrics, and a new take on my cafĂ© aprons! I've also been teaching myself to knit in the round, yikes! I have loved working with yarn and fibers ever since my godfather built me a loom many years ago; I took weaving courses for a few years but when I began high school I'm afraid I couldn't keep up with it in addition to sports, orchestra, and my studies. Knitting has been a fun way to work with so many beautiful yarns again though in a much more portable way and I do hope that I can someday share my handiwork on etsy.

In the meantime...we've found a new home at last! The last couple weeks have been so busy making plans for our big move that it feels as though my head might spin right off. Boston has always been in the back of our minds as a possibility but the comparatively good job market for John's work (as compared to DC) as well as a dream apartment settled the matter for us quite comfortably and so Boston it is!

my current (soon to be former!!) "studio" which really just consists of a small bookshelf
and equally small table for my sewing machine which sit in the corner of our bedroom.
(Apologies for the slight blurriness here)

Whenever we have been down and out, moody in our cavernous little basement apartment, and just positively itching for some kind of new opportunity after John's lay-off, we've sat and described to each other the kind of place we would like to make our new home in. A kitchen that is not just a hallway in disguise, an extra room for me to set up a real work space/studio in, windows everywhere (we have only one right now in the very front room of our english basement apt., ugh!), stairs to force the cats to exercise (ha!), and all of this nestled into some quaint little town with trees and paths and water for recreation. So as you might imagine, we were dumbstruck to find all of this just 20 minutes outside Boston!!! A doable commute, a peaceful place to come home to away from the city's dirt and noise....insert huge sigh of relief here.

So for the next week or so I'll have somewhat spotty access to internet. I am leaving the shop open though so that you may browse and purchase at your leisure! Simply allow an extra 1–2 weeks for your package to arrive for any purchases made during this time (October 19th–26th). And of course I will respond to any queries you may have via etsy convo as soon as I am able.

Hope to meet you back here soon—and coming to you from Boston!!

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CAPow said...

wow, i'm jealous! i went to school in boston and loved it. I miss it so much! you're lucky! I can't wait to read all about your new life in boston!