Friday, September 4, 2009

she's alive! and she's having a sale!

"o golly ethel, i hope it's on sale!"

has it really been so long since i last posted?! o know how life happens occasionally and i'm afraid my blogging got pushed onto the back burner. I began a second job, i got sick; we went on vacation, i got sick; we adopted a new kitten, my fiance got laid-off, i started working more hours at work, we started plans for moving, and i got sick again. gee whiz!

we are still in good ole dc for now but will be making a move at the end of this october. and we don't know where yet which can really leave one feeling stressed the heck out if you're trying to plan for it and also trying to plan your wedding (which you really can't do at all because there's no way to say where it might be!!). le sigh.

in the meantime however, the shop is doing well and if you're still reading the blog here is a treat which i am extending to all of you—buy two or more items and get 15% off! I'll simply refund you your savings via paypal once you have completed the transaction (does not include items in clearance or sections). Hurry! Offer is good now through Sept. 30th.

cheers...and i'll post again, this time without so much time gone by!


Teresa said...

Have missed you, glad you're back.

geschichtenvonkat said...

o thank you so much teresa, it means alot :D