Friday, November 6, 2009

settling in

we're finally getting settled into our new place and i must say it feels so good to be here! The new apartment is so big and i'll admit to getting a bit teary eyed whenever i see one of the cats dozing in the sunlight...hey, you would too if you've had the experience of living in an english basement with only one window for way too long ;) I want to post pictures of the place but I do so love to nest and make every room "just so," otherwise you might glimpse our mountains of boxes or wires that have yet to be tucked neatly away and i would be a little bit mortified. It's a promise though—pictures to come when the moving in mess is a thing of the past!

In the meantime i'm sharing a treasury I made it into AND there are some new compress' in the shop with some really fun new kokka prints which i love. I try to stock up whenever i find new ones that fit my fancy so check them out in the nest.home.retreat section...

Floral Herbal Blend of Essential Oils and
Little Red Riding Hood Kokka Fabric

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