Monday, January 5, 2009

favorite finds from great etsy shops!

now that all the christmas gifts have been given and got, i can finally share with you some of the Etsy items we gave and received this year! You could say that Etsy saved our Christmas this year. In part because I don't have a lot of money right now, but i love trying to find unique and personally meaningful things for each person! I also felt good about buying on Etsy because I knew that with every dollar spent, it was going straight to a handmade artisan such as myself, someone trying to get by on their own wits and creativity during not so bright economic times.

one of my personal favorites is this scarf from greenolive. i definitely crossed into coveting territory when it came to this scarf i'm afraid to say and brought it up ever so casually in conversation preceeding christmas way too much, haha. it was so fun to open the present as well: the seller had included a complimentary handmade felted flower pin that matches the scarf perfectly. A fun surprise and the perfect accessory for my winter threads.

These are a pair of elegant and so very gorgeous calla lilly earrings which i gave to my mom...and briefly considered keeping for myself! I purchased them from Khristinne's Unique Handmade Jewelry on Etsy and hope you check out her shop because she has so many intricate and beautiful pieces to offer. Each one seems to have a story to tell, a personality to spout which is a quality I appreciate most about individually handmade items.

one more item which i didn't even know i was looking for until i ran across it in a search of men's items on Etsy was this really cool cotton polo shirt by Vital Industries. For the most part, those selling and buying on Etsy tend to be women and it is rare that i come across really neat items made with the male in mind. Vital has a great selection for both genders and they were so fun to buy from..always refreshing to find nice people out there! I love love love their screenprinted designs and have them on my own (completely rhetorical because i am so very much BROKE!) i want list.

i hope you take a moment to check these guys out or mark them as a favorite shop because they all have very finely made items, friendly service, and speedy packages which are a delight to open (after doing alot of shipping and handling of fine art, i have a kind of big hang up about properly packaged packages!).

on a closing note, do you like the new magnets in my shop? I was really pleased with how they came out and will have more to add in time. otherwise keep your eyes peeled later on in the week when i should have some new linen dish towels ready as well as a sneak peek for a new item coming to geschichtenvonkat.


knitsational said...

Wow, those earrings are gorgeous!

TheresaJ said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and signing my guestbook!

Great finds! What a nice surprise that a felted flower pin was included with the scarf, and I love the earrings!

Also, your button magnets are great, but I really love your envelopes. What a great idea!

All the best in 2009!
- Theresa