Sunday, January 4, 2009

on a sunday afternoon

weekends are nice. and every so often, you have a really great one. a lazy, grocery getting, lots of time to read-cook-become a sloth and get addicted to playing an endless game of Bejewled on the i-touch (because now it's an app. and i don't need the net to connect to it!!!! thank goodness for itunes gift cards!), dance to oldies (as i make chilli) when no one is watching-sloth fillled weekend! did you get all that? yeeeeah, i'm a bit hyperactive. this happens when i listen to motown. and to explain that i need to tell a story....

(that's me on the left)

on saturday nights when i was growing up we'd eat homemade pizza on a red checkered tablecloth covering the oriental rug (the same one that is now tattered and in my own living room) on the living room floor and watch star trek every saturday night (i realize now this was simply mom and dad's cunning trick to get the couch all to themselves!!). when the telie got clicked off we turned my dad's ancient 70's stereo system to the local oldies station and listened to their "solid gold saturday night" with the lights turned low. my sister and i always got to dance with dad...i remember dancing on his feet to brown eyed girl every time. and for quite some time, i honestly did not understand that there was any other kind of music in existance except for the motown and soul and rock n roll and disco and oldies pop that came through those speakers. now i go back to it every now and then and i can't help but smile because so many good memories come flooding in when i hear it.

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