Sunday, November 30, 2008

a bit of gluttony and grace

i've been so busy preparing for and hosting our family thanksgiving this year that i haven't really had a moment to think of anything that did not revolve around it. so much cooking, toasting, meeting new beautiful babies, exposing my fingers to mild and also probably some serious oven burns, and of course an overload of feasting and family!

i do love cooking and tampering with recipes but this is only the second time i have even roasted a turkey, the first being just last year...the 18 lb. brined and roasted bird seemed to come off without a hitch though, despite my best efforts :) and all in our miniature apartment kitchen!

i hope your holiday was pretty much amazingly fabulous as well (without the burns that is...speaking of which i really should have made myself some potholders) and if i could, i would certainly have you over to join us for the dessert of pumpkin and apple pie from scratch with homemade whipped vanilla cream and chocolate shavings, and then of course a ridiculously large mug of some uber drool-worthy coffee and bailey's concoction to finish it off!

it is off to bed with me for now then to catch up on my sleep (the flannel sheets are finally back now that we have said goodbye to another soul-melting DC summer!). meet you back here tomorrow when i make my official return to the land of the living!

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