Sunday, November 30, 2008

i hug trees.

getting out of the city was so good this weekend, we drove out of DC and down near loudoun county in Virginia. to see hills and pastures was something i've missed so much since moving away from home and it was such a nice day out. our destination, Snicker's Gap Tree Farm where, after much conjecturing and tromping about, we found the bestest little blue spruce to be had!

why have a silly fake plastic thing with no soul when you can chop down your own smashingly fantastic evergreen? well yes, allergies you say and perhaps that bit of irony behind chopping down an evergreen to remind us of the gift of eternal life...hmm ok....but other than that, it just wouldn't be a proper christmas without the genuine article all bedecked with handmade ornaments from when we were kids, big old vintage lights, and garland made of cranberries and popcorn. speaking of which, we really need to hunker down and get to work because at the rate we are stringing garland, it's going to be next christmas when we get the whole tree dolled up.

so here we sit on sunday night getting tangled up in our garland strands, pretending we do not have to go back to work tomorrow. lucky for me i am getting back to work on all my projects for etsy: the clutches with loads of lovely fabrics, new letter sets, and some rather charismatic draft snakes which i'll show you later! stay tuned to the shop for updates this week and always feel free to let me know what you think of the blog!

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