Saturday, November 22, 2008

my etsy shopping rampage

i'm slowly building up more sales and constantly tweaking my etsy shop. it's very gratifying work, especially finding that someone thinks my pieces are beautiful and of value. i must check the site several times a day and if a sale does appear, i am! 26 year olds can still do that, right?

i do love selling my wares on etsy, it has really opened up many new possibilities for me. in addition to this however, i really love BUYING on's become something of a habit i must admit. almost all of the christmas presents i've found have been on etsy..we're on such a tight budget as so many others are this year, but on etsy I can still get finely made, affordable, beautiful, unique objects that are so much more personal and meaningful to give than anything i could pick up at the mall.

i wish i could show you all the cool things i've found, but alas, many of them are going to family and friends who might just stumble across this post. yeah, i just barely thought ahead of myself right there. so instead, i will show you some of my favorite things which i bought for myself...yeah, oops.

this is my fabulous new christmas stocking (made by betzwhite) which seems to have my personality written all over it. it's made of felted wool and a recycled sweater and of course it has bright colors and buttons and big stiching. i have a felt stocking which my mother made for me when i was just a wee lass, but it is such a keepsake that it always hangs above my parents woodstove each year..just wouldn't feel right to have it hang anywhere else and now this stocking will be a part of my own new family traditions!

here are a pair of fingerless mittens which i bought from a lovely etsian in australia, teesjourney. they have sweet little mismatched buttons in shades of pink and white and brown and yellow and a great diamond pattern. I love useful pretty things but what i really love about these is that the fiber was dyed with onion skins and the color is gorgeous. when i was in elementary school, i made a whole science project about natural dyes and fibers (yes, the bug bit early) and so, when i came across these i was simply tickled pink. and with that phrase i do believe i've betrayed my deep midwestern us roots, ya? eh?

and last, but certainly not least, is this beeeUUUUtiful ring which i'm especially sweet on because it's not just any ring, it's my engagement ring (holy moly, that is still exciting to say!). just two weeks ago my bestest friend and i decided to make it official and we are so so happy with this ring from DesignsByVickie. i'm not usually one to get all gushy but when he proposed on the outer balcony of the kennedy center after taking me to a sold out show of my favorite opera, Carmen, i pretty much couldn't see the ring because i was crying (happily of course) like a baby.

so i guess you never know what you might find on etsy many trinkets and treasures from items of daily use to items that mark single days you'll never forget. and yes, i am getting pretty cheesy here so i apologize...i'm addicted to etsy what else can i say?!

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Teresa said...

Congratulations Kat,

Love your blog, keep it going.

Cheers, Teresa