Monday, September 8, 2014

The DS Picnic Quilt

DS Picnic Quilt

Most of my summer sewing time has been devoted to repairing worn items of clothing in our closets, creating class and shop samples, and making gifts for friend's adorable babies and babies-to-be. I did manage to get in some time for my own projects though—one of which I finished a part of today!

DS Picnic Quilt, detail

I've been collecting bits of Denyse Schmidt's line of fabrics for JoAnn since they started appearing in stores back in 2011 and know I'm not alone in deciding these would make a perfect picnic quilt. I didn't get around to it right away but that has allowed me to shake up the color palette and bit by adding in a few yellows and oranges from later releases into the mix. Between all the primary colors, the reminder of old feedsack fabrics in Schmidt's designs, and the "small plates" quilt block, I think this is definitely one of the most traditional style quilts I've made so far. It's all very simple right angles, but  for all the wear this quilt will see, I'm just fine with that.

I finally tracked down a few yards of the fabric below for the back and am thinking of making a scrappy binding of all the other prints to echo the patchwork border. What do you think—scrappy binding or settle on one print and, if so, which one? Also, I have no clue as to how to quilt this...I'm not a free-motion quilter but would appreciate any suggestions you might have as I'm don't have anything in mind for it!

DS Picnic Quilt, WIP
Initial sketch and backing fabric

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