Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wrapping Up The Holidays

Felt ornaments, hot cocoa
For the most part, I stuck with her color scheme, but tried out some variations here and there

One last post pertaining to the holidays. These are so absurdly adorable though, I hope you won't mind!

I love giving handmade gifts and try my best to make special and personal things that people will actually appreciate or use. This year, along with some homemade marshmallows, caramels, and spiced bourbon, I picked out one of Alicia Paulson's felt ornments to make and include for each family's gift. It was one of those projects way down on my list that I'd always wanted to try but never gotten to before. Then, just when I was looking for something handheld to work on as I studied for finals before the holidays, I remembered them!

Felt ornaments
The red coat is by far my favorite. Now I just need one in my size.

I've got to say, I invested a lot of time in these little ornaments as each one progresses in a number of steps, but in and of themselves, no one technique is too complicated. Because of that, I think a beginner or more advanced stitcher could make and enjoy them. I drool over just about everything Alicia Paulson puts out into the world and have to give her big gigantic props for writing such clear and full instructions for these! Job awesomely done.

The key is really in having some patience and working on them a little at a time. And if you're making a ton of them like I did, you may also need patience from the rest of your household for overlooking the little pile of supplies that appear and grow next to your spot on the couch...

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Meeling said...

Those are adorable! I love the red coat too!!