Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Press from Over the Pond!

UK Brides, July/August 2012
So purdy, but I may be slightly biased...

I'm pleased as punch to have my hands on the newest volume (July/August 2012) of the UK edition of Brides Magazine from Condé Nast! It's my first time being printed in international press and it still seems a bit surreal, even though I've known about it for months now. They contacted me this past winter and I practically tripped over myself in a mad rush to ship a sample pair off in time to make the deadline!

I adore the page layout and colors, such a cheery bunch of lovely items to be included with! I had no idea what they had in mind so seeing it all come together and holding a printed copy in my own two hands is rather thrilling—plus, I had no idea they'd be on the first page of the article, double score!

UK Brides, detail

Well, that's enough of me tooting my own horn for one day, but I just had to share the news with you while it was hot off the press! I'll be returning from vacation soon with new posts and will be opening the shop back up with some new items next week!

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