Friday, June 29, 2012

Ava's Double-Sided Baby Blanket

Ava's Blanket, detail

This little receiving blanket was one of the quickest projects I've taken on lately which was a joy and a relief! I started it and finished it in the week before I left to visit family in Michigan as I wanted my new baby niece to have something special, just like her older sister did.

Keeping in mind that the last baby blanket (which, it's occurred to me now, apparently never made it to the blog...weird...) I made saw some serious love and wear (always the best compliment), I decided to keep it simple but elegant. I added a little personalized embroidery to make it special, and then simply sewed around the edges, leaving an app. 2 foot hole where I flipped it right-side-out and ladder stitched the hole closed. No quilting, no tie-offs, just a handy double-sided blanket!

Ava's Blanket

I wanted to make it as versatile as possible so I chose a low-pile minky fabric in cream (so soft! how is it that we do not just swath ourselves in the stuff and walk around like that?!) that perfectly matched the "Dogwood" lightweight linen fabric by April Johnston. I saw it at Joann's and thought it suited my sister-in-law's aesthetic and would work with the embroidery idea I'd hatched...

Ava's Blanket, detail

Above is a close-up of the embroidery, done completely in backstitch. Whenever I use this stitch, I kick myself for not doing so more often because it is so quick and easy. I'm happy with the color scheme—pretty and peaceful for a baby, but not overly girly and cheesy. Just right.

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Meeling said...

So pretty! I love simple for baby things - they last a lot longer through growing kids that way.

That fabric is gorgeous!