Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Saving Hope in Pockets and Sleeves (Or, Ode to My Red Galoshes)

rainy day reds

I love the mood of a rainy day, but not quite as much when I've gotta be out in them. Still, there's no grey sky or enduring drizzle that can best a pair of red galoshes. Sometimes you've just got to make the glass half full and cozy red galoshes that can splash in puddles and get me all around to every train I need to catch while I am still warm and dry do just that. And as I go, this song keeps sticking in my head, gently pushing me along...

You can't rely on time
To change the way you feel
'Cause time it often loses track
Of who it's got to heal
You can read my palm
And tell me that my future looks strong
And I will play along
Better that than to wait to prove you wrong

'Cause it's another overcast day

Like it's been for a week
And I would blame feeling down on the weather
If I had no other reason to be
People let you down
When you least expect them to
And hearts they move around so fast
And love it somehow gets renewed

And my state of mind is hiding in

The shadow you left behind
And this song is playing in my head
As you walk away in perfect time

And you and I are just saving hope

In pockets and of sleeves
For rainy days when you need it most
Rainy days like these

Jill Barber, In Perfect Time

I'm running around finishing up my semester—just one exam and one final paper until I'm done with the hardest semester I've ever had (and thank goodness the ones coming up don't seem as bad either). I'm pleased with how it's gone, happy with all the new people I've met and worked with, satisfied with the type and content of the work I've been able to do, and now I'm really really ready to get back to just work and sewing and summer!

P.S. Whoa there Nelly, you look away for a bit and then suddenly blogger's whole platform is different! I think I like it, but bear with me while I get a sense of my new surroundings, ya?

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