Thursday, May 24, 2012

Freshly Stitched

Hand stitched hoop art, detail
up close and personal

This fabric was just crying out to be stitched up and I couldn't resist it's call! The over sized floral print holds up well under detailed hand work, plus it's a great way to keep a bit of that special fabric around as a purely decorative element. Ahem...a good thing when you fall in love with a print and are having a hard time cutting into the stuff.

Once I go crazy embellishing something like this though, I like to display it against a stark calming neutral so that it doesn't end up looking clownish or saccharine-soaked. Whether it's a frame, wall color, or quilt border, the effect works nicely and is something I love to keep in mind with a lot of my pieces since I have such a penchant for vibrant colors.

Hand stitched hoop art

They turned out so bright and cheery and although I love the way they look on their own, I can't wait to try hanging some up as part of a salon style grouping of art in the living room or going up the stairs. These three in particular are available in my shop here so you can add them to your own wall—there are just the three for now though so act fast if they strike your fancy. Each one is completely unique from the others and showcases a variety of different stitches done in thick floss so the unique structure of each really stands out.

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Meeling said...

Gorgeous! Love the bright colors - so cheerful!

ps...I'm hosting a fun Summer Jewelry Swap on my blog right now - pop over and join the fun!