Saturday, November 12, 2011

Weekend Projects

Blueberry colorway
My new blueberry colorway

There's been gorgeous autumn light streaming in through my studio window this morning and it was enough motivation to get started on a slew of pillow making for the shop. So far, I've got my Liberty of London patchwork pillows back in stock and now the design is available in a raspberry and new blueberry colorway. I've got enough for a few of each so if you love this tana lawn as much as I do, act fast.

Ok, ok, enough shameless self-promotion. What does this weekend find you working on? Anyone out there starting in on holiday projects? I could use some motivation in that department but for the time being I'm going to force myself to finish a midterm assignment and then whip up some indian for dinner tonight before we settle in for popcorn and a movie at home (popcorn on the stove of course which has my mouth watering already...). I find it's always good to have a reward to look forward to after devoting precious weekend time to productivity!


Emily Elizabeth said...

I love these pillows so darn much! I've got one of the small liberty bundles on my christmas wish list this year :)

Christina said...

Lovely colors! Unfortunately I got some kind of flu with a light fever last night, so this weekend I will be laying around more! hehe

thestoryofkat said...

Every time I get a bit for the shop, I hoard away a little bit and eventually I hope to have enough to make a patchwork lap quilt for the living room...I love how it looks against the natural linen. We'll have to compare notes when we each have enough for a project!

Christina...I hope you feel better soon! What with all you guys have been up to lately, I dare say you totally deserve some rest :)

Meeling said...

Loving the blues Kat!! Soothing and just so pretty!