Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Little WIP

Geisha embroidery WIP
pattern from isewcute on etsy

A peek at some embroidery I've been working on here and there while taking the train into Cambridge for class. Like most commuters, I'm in the habit of keeping to myself with my Ipod or book but since I've been working on this, I've had all kinds of people just start talking to me about their grandmothers—a little strange at times, but there was one older gentleman with pink hair who was especially kind and I think it's those kinds of encounters that make me love being in a city the most. Who knew the power of handwork extended to getting steely city subway commuters to open up about such personal subjects?!

As for the embroidery itself, I've really enjoyed all the different stitches and the variation in floss thickness to show some depth, but I'm still not sure how I feel about the color scheme. For my first embroidered face ever though, I'm just going to be satisfied with it on the whole though since I now realize just how hard it is to get an expression to be rendered in a pleasing way with floss!

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Meeling said...

Very pretty Kat...I love the detail. Interesting story too about the train ride...funny what makes people come out of their shell sometimes. :-)