Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Unvarnished Glimpse

in the studio
some recent chuppah sewing as the daylight fades

Just a little peek into the studio today. It occurred to me the other day that we tend to see a lot of photos of people's studios and the work that comes out of them, but it's rare to actually see the person themselves at work in there, unglossed and unposed. Since that's what's actually happening there all the time though and what leads to all the pretty things we share with each other, why not show the reality of it off for a brief moment?! Of course it's natural that we all want to see and talk about those finished objects the most, but I think that a window into a person's creative environment "in action" can be really illuminating since it is that unique process that makes everyone's handmade items so special, no matter how everyday it may seem.

Far from the immaculately styled photos we see of people's craft rooms, I'm afraid mine does get messy. Uhm, don't spread this around, but I'm kind of A Piler.

I can't stand having my hair hang down in my face when I work so that goes up straight away and the music gets turned on from my laptop which sits behind me. Sometimes it's an audio book as I find I don't get to read quite as much when my free time is filled with holding a needle and floss.

When I embroider, I sit on the couch in my studio or downstairs in the air conditioning and the netflix q is my best friend when I have several pairs of embroidered converse to work though. Name almost any obscure period costume drama, kid's cartoon, or historic documentary, and I've probably seen it at this point.

This may be weird, I'm not actually sure, but I don't like having shoes or slippers on when I use the presser foot to my sewing machine so those suckas get kicked off as soon as I sit down to it. I'm not sure what it is, but it feels like they are in my way!

If you were to take a photo like this of yourself, what would it capture? How do you work and create? What tools or things in your environment are essential to your process? Are you like me and tend to unconsciously fit a bajillion pins in your mouth as you go only to realize you can't talk when someone pops their head in the door? I'd love to hear and if you want, go ahead and leave a link to a photo of you at work in the comments section!


Paige (Final Clothes-Out) said...

I go back and forth between my studio and the living room. We don't have central air and the only 2 units are in our main living area and our bedroom, so my studio gets pretty warm in the summer. That's when I take my beads and park myself in front of the TV.

And my god, do I make a mess. :-)

thestoryofkat said...

Our place is the exact same way! My studio is on the top floor and I take my work into the bedroom or living room all the time in the summer...about to move the ironing board down there now as today is a doozy :) Hooray for making messes, I like to spread my stuff out all around me when I sit in the living room, haha.

Angela said...

Aww what a cute photo! Your studio does look nice and neat though. Oh and the photo of you stuffed with beer & cheese a few posts below is absolutely adorable!

Meeling said...

I'm with you on the bare feet thing on a presser foot, I can't sew with flip flop or way!!

Sometimes I put my hair up, but usually I don' chair goes high enough that I don't need to hunch over too much.

No pins in the mouth for cushion gal here! :-)

I always have my green measuring tape around my neck though...I often forget it's there and will go downstairs and then realize I'm still wearing it!

I'm pretty neat...clean up after I'm done etc...I can't work well in a messy space.

Yours looks mighty tidy!!

Emily Elizabeth said...

I love this post! And I would definitely love to see more photos of creating in action. You've inspired me to take one of myself one of these days.

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

Oh, you look so cute!!! I LOVE it!

I'm with you on the bare feet thing too, I can't sew with anything even socks on -- no way!!

My sewing room is insanely hot right now, but it's about to thunderstorm so I'll be heading up there just as soon as that first raindrop falls!

Happy Sewing!!!

thestoryofkat said...

Thanks guys, you flatter me :)

Love hearing everyone's different quirks in the sewing room...I just wish we could all get together for a craft night, set our machines up together and chat!

Babe said...

Hi! I just found your blog and I have to weigh in on the sewing machine thing. I, too, cannot wear shoes of any kind when using the sewing machine. I need to either have on socks or be bare footed.

I love your blog, by the way. It's very nice.