Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New and Improved

new sachet designs
new pine and rose sachets

New sachet designs and scents are now in the shop! Having started out with just a lavender sachet, I decided it was high time to expand a bit and include more scents—a fresh and woodsy American balsam fir and a delicately classic pink rose from India.

These sachets are great as they lend their scent to what is around them but not in an overpowering way because they are filled with natural dried plants and herbs, not heavy asthma inducing fragrances. I've selected colors and created designs which coordinate with each of the scents that have their own unique uses and character:

Lavender: wonderfully calming and relaxing, this sachet is perfect for tucking into your pillowcase to lull you, your child, or house guests to sleep. For even more of an impact, try placing several sachets in the linen closet between blankets and sheets so, when in use, they wrap you in their soothing scent. As someone who's dealt with many sleepless nights of insomnia, I've got to say this trick has definitely come in handy.

Rose: gently uplifting, rose is ultra feminine and glamorous with a vintage appeal. What better use than to place a sachet or two in your lingerie drawer or even in your suitcase on a trip to keep clothing fresh from day to day when you may be wearing them more than once before being able to launder them.

Pine: reminiscent of cabins, winter holidays, and summer bonfires all at once, pine is an invigorating and earthy scent that is a great substitute for mothballs as a way to keep clothes fresh that you are storing out of season. Also, since it's not a "frilly" smell, it's gender neutral and can be used to freshen bathroom towels that anyone in the house might use.

embroidered sachets
 hand embroidered sachets from The Story of Kat

In addition to these uses, they can be hung from hangers in the closet, door knobs, or as a decorative element on the wall as each one now includes a matching ribbon loop at the top. See, I told you they were going to be new and improved!


Meeling said...

Very pretty Kat!! I really like the pine one...perfect for the Holidays!

DK said...

They look great! I think I'd love the pine one, it's one of my favorite smells.

thestoryofkat said...

I never expected to love the pine as much as I do the lavender, but it is seriously lovely!