Thursday, April 14, 2011

You Win Some, You Lose Some.

new business cards from moo
You can have as many images as you want on the front with
your info on the back—I decided to use my favorite four from items in my shop.

I just got a free trial pack of business cards from in the mail this week and am pretty happy with them. I really love their design/checkout process but am not totally impressed with the print quality. I don't think most folks would notice, but having been in the business, I was a little disappointed. That one gripe aside, they're still FREE (+ $5 shipping) and they're going to work just fine as something to pass out when people ask what it is I'm doing with my life these days.

In other news, I'm sad to say my laptop of 5 years is now on its last leg and I'm a little worried about what I'm going to do about it. I am pretty good about not having food and drink around the computer, let alone pop in the house (yes I call it pop), but I did and left the cap off...of course that is the one day the cat decides half the bottle would look great all over my keyboard (they are very lucky I love them so dang much). Thankfully it's still working after my computer geek husband did a thorough cleaning of the insides, but is not in tip-top form and I can't speed through orders and blog posts since all the keys and mouse stick like glue, BLURGH! I'll be the first to admit that it's slightly pathetic, but ever since we moved to this place where I don't know anyone and where I don't really feel welcome or at home, this silly computer has been my lifeline. Not just to my online business but to beautiful blogs and people who do understand me and who do care about the things I care about. It's cheesy and emo, but true so the thought that I might not be able to afford to replace it is, well, daunting. Fingers crossed it keeps on humming until I can!


DK said...

I hope it recovers!
In case it doesn't, check out and, you might be able to find something there that's affordable and will work for you.

Meeling said...

I always wondered about about them but never have actually seen them. Good to know they are decent..sometimes little handouts like that are good to have around.

:-( on your laptop...hope it feels better soon and de-stick-i-fies!!

considerthelillies said...

oh no! I hope your computer survives! I have ordered moo cards in the past and I thought the graphic parts were great but the font side was pretty nondescript . but like they say "you can't look a gift horse (cow...moo)in the mouth!"