Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Introducing Vintage Shop Embroidery Pattern

Vintage Shop Embroidery Pattern, detail 2

Two in a row, as promised! I think this may be my favorite one yet and had a lot of fun stitching up the sample in a variety of stitches and colors. Previously, I hadn't thought how much more detail would be found in manufactured vintage items and it was a bit more of a challenge to translate them into embroidery but I think it really makes for a unique and engrossing pattern to work on in the end.

Included are some of my favorite items from my years of working in an antique/vintage shop after school as a kid: a pair of horn-rimmed glasses, a retro cat figurine, coin purse, mid-century modern upholstered chair, a string of pearls with gold clasp, a 45 record, atomic lamp, a polka dot maillot bathing suit, vintage fan, a tv with rabbit ears, and Brownie camera with flash unit.

Vintage Shop Embroidery Pattern, detail 1
stem stitch was used for the upholstery on the chair while the back stitch came in handy for the fan and maillot

I got a bit nerdy trying to make sure each item was as authentic as I could manage and checked my drawings against several photos of vintage items where I couldn't remember details off the top of my head so rest assured you vintage-loving folks, they are as accurate as can be. Plus the PDF includes a color guide, as usual, in case you want to use the same palette as I did in this sample. You can find it for sale in my shop here.

I'm going to take a brief hiatus from pattern making but expect to see the next one sometime in May...I'm still deciding between "World Traveler" (I've already sketched up a mean old leather suitcase with stickers and airmail envelopes) or "Off to College" (think typewriter, pennant, bicycle, and satchel). Which one would you prefer to see first?

P.S. I just got word that my Farmer's Market embroidery pattern was featured on MoonbeamWishes blog today—what a pretty site, I'm totally flattered!


Meeling said...

That lamp and that chair have my name written all over them!!!

Hmmm...now what to put them on. Wanna embroider me a shirt? ;-)

thestoryofkat said...

sure thing!

I was thinking they'd also be great on some napkins for cocktail parties, tote bags are always a good canvas, those blank coin purses you can get at craft stores, or maybe as embellishment on blocks for a vintage themed quilt?

Anonymous said...

I hopped over from flickr, what a treat to find
your blog :-)!
Lovely Vintage Shop pattern!
Perhaps "Off to College" for May?!

thestoryofkat said...

I'm flattered and glad you stopped by bambina! Good to have you here :) I'm liking the "Off to College" one myself but haven't decided yet...