Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Little Stashing

DS Quilts Collection at Jo-Ann
New Denyse Schmidt at Jo-Ann

I finally found something worthy of the very last of my christmas money—the new DS Quilts Collection! I'm glad now that I managed to save it for a rainy day as it's been burning a whole in my pocket and I just couldn't pass these ones up, especially since I am still lamenting the fact that I was not quick enough to get my hands on any of her Flea Market Fancy line (that are now going for $40/fat quarter, geez louise!). I had just enough to get a 1/4 yard of my favorite ones although there are a few more pattern/colorways to the complete collection available at Jo-Ann.

The patterns and colors remind me of those found in American farmhouse kitchens from the 30's to 50's so I want to use them for a vintage style apron with trim or perhaps an oven mit, definitely as edging along a flour sack dishtowel. I can also picture them mixed with lots of calicoes and scrap fabric for a very vintage looking quilt although that idea will have to wait since I have two make that three other quilts in progress right now...I just seem to have a knack for zooming through quilt tops and then getting very lazy when it comes to the actual quilting and binding.

Maybe next year I will save up my christmas money for an extra pair of hands, ya? In the meantime, I've already put a little birthday cash aside for AMH's new Loulouthi line due out sometime in May...looks brilliant. What can I say, I have a serious addiction going on here and need a hit every now and then!


DK said...

Ohhh I like those... makes me want to sew a quilt!

Meeling said...

Lovelies....I know the need for a "hit" now and then! ;-)

It can be dangerous on ones pocketbook to let me loose in a fabric store. I love getting fabric that you really don't know exactly what you're going to do with just kind of eveolves.

Emily Elizabeth said...

I broke down and bought a bit too :) And I'm super impressed with the quality since I'm usually not to fond of the fabric that comes from Joanns.

Also, I heard through Denise Schmidt's facebook page that they're doing a small re-release of FMF Spring 2012. Start saving up!!


I love these! So...I traveled 45 minutes to the nearest Joanne today, asked them where I could find them -- no one knew what I was talking about! SO, I searched the store myself and then left empty handed? Super bummed! Oh well.

thestoryofkat said...

a re-release of FMF?! ooo em, thanks for the tip!!

I wanted to check them out in the store too to make sure they weren't of the usual hit/miss quality. they are definitely a hit!

that is such a sad story maureen, i'm sorry your trip didn't work out! i found them up in the front section with their other "designer" quilting cottons but only because as i was looking, an employee was trying to find where to put the other bolts from the collection and didn't know so we looked together. Then when i got to the cutting counter that lady didn't know what they were either...oh jo-anns, tisk tisk...i think they are online though so maybe that will work for you.

Dana said...

Those are beautiful patterns and colors. Christmas money well spent!

I tagged you for the versatile blogger award.