Monday, April 25, 2011

A little bit of spring in your step...

carved tulips
We lacked in the area of real blooms but these pretty carved tulips were quite festive with our easter feast.
They were a gift from our UK friends and i just wish i knew who made them, very cute!

Spring is finally in full swing here. The buds on the branches are bursting, birds are chirping outside my studio window, and the grass is about 75% green thanks to a few rainstorms and warm days so we're finally able to throw open all the windows in the house. While I do love me some cozy winter days, I've gotta say there's nothing quite like banishing all that stale air and feeling free to put some serious thought into what I want to plant and where I want to hike.

In that spirit, I am now about halfway done with a deep clean of my studio (picture me sitting getting distracted by every material and slip of paper and unknown amounts of time drift by as I think, "O I remember that, maybe I will add this and this and that and that to my project q! O wait, you mean this doesn't actually qualify as cleaning? You mean that this is the part where my mom would poke her head in and use my full name to ask how much I've gotten done so far? well, crap..."). So far there are three less boxes of crapola though, three more to go, a lot more space, newly organized supplies and projects, and a few less stacks of papers.

Once the place is in tip-top shape, I'm looking forward to taking a stab at going through my backlog of personal projects. Quilt tops will be turned into quilts, pillow covers will finally be able to be stuffed, and scrap fabric will be evaluated for up-cyling, among other things on the list. I don't want to jinx it, but it's almost as if I've got my very own working studio here...wink wink.

Have you delved into any spring cleaning yet? Or embraced the weather instead and enjoyed something out-of-doors? I want to hear what's motivating you as we turn this corner in the year!

P.S. There is a great conversation going on here and here. So much of it hits upon issues which have been tumbling around in my head for months now that weren't sure how to work themselves onto the blog....soon, I hope!


DK said...

Not yet, but I can't wait to get into it. Mantra this spring is "fresh start" - for a lot of things!

HarmlessColor said...

It's so hard to get all of those things in order and projects completed...go you! Get them done!
(I love those flowers too!)

Meeling said...

Those wooden tulips are very cool!

I always seem to get into the mood to "lighten" colors up in my house at this time of year...paint etc...I wasn't much in the mood to paint this year so instead I sprung for some bright new curtains for the kitchen/eating area. They were cheaper to buy them than to get the fabric and sew it feels like Spring in my kitchen!!

Good for you cleaning out...I have a hard time "cleaning" my sewing room...I always seem to think I'm going to use that 1" x 1" scrap of fabric for something!! You'd think I'd learn after sewing for 25+ years!!

Angela said...

That sounds like the way I clean. I keep so much stuff and from time to time I have a day where I can let it go easily - I try to clean as much as possible on those rare days.

Emily Elizabeth said...

OMG - you totally got me sucked into those stitched in color conversations. Great great discussions going on over there. I think I'll put in my two cents in a blog post later this week, lol!

thestoryofkat said...

I know right?! SO many responses and thoughts, so much ground to cover but an important conversation I've been wanting to have...I can't wait to hear what you think and hope to post my own perspective soon!