Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Introducing the Farmhouse Kitchen Embroidery Pattern

Farmhouse Kitchen Embroidery Pattern

The second in my new line of embroidery patterns is complete and up for sale in my shop here (insert me rubbing my calloused finger tips but grinning from ear to ear).

I've been stitching like mad all weekend to get this sample ready as well as the pdf file of the pattern which features so many of my favorite sorts of cooking implements and accessories such as the old-fashioned style cast iron cook stove with silver handles and hinges, wooden utensils, cleaver, creamy white crockery, a colander, and gleaming copper pots including a sauce pot, stock pot, and last but certainly not least, a dutch oven (just think, you could stitch these up for your kitchen to match any color of Le Creuset or Kitchenaid cookware that you have!).

I think they'll complement my other pattern, "Farmers Market" quite well and think they'd make for a great recipe book cover, tea towels, apron, or potholders for anybody who gets geeked about good food and the techniques and tools behind it (I'd love to give a tea towel stitched up with this motif along with a copy of the Joy of cooking, Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, or really any good go-to cooking volume to someone moving into their first apartment or getting married).

I'm already half-way done with the next pattern entitled "Vintage Shop" and I think it might just be my favorite yet. I'm going out of town for three days for a mother-daughter weekend and am not yet sure if I'll have internet access but expect to see it for sure on Monday Tuesday (as I decided to go way more intricate on the stitching than originally planned!), even if the blog stays a bit quiet for wee bit.


Angela said...

Another GREAT pattern!! Can't wait to see the next one!

Meeling said...

Looks fabulous!!!

I want one of those stoves in my kitchen...way cool!